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Welcome to BucketScreen.com, your source for quality mounted screens on High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) nested pails.   We offer several stainless and brass screens mounted on both 2-gallon and 5-gallon pails. 

So what's BucketScreen all about?

Have you ever had to combine multiple powders into a homogeneous mix?

Have you ever had to separate powdered/granular material by mesh size?

BucketScreen is the low cost alternative to high priced laboratory screening/sifting options.  We take a nestible pail, cut off the top 1/3, and use it as a mounting hoop for a wire cloth screen.  We leave enough of the nestible pail intact to allow the user to place the screen over the same type of pail to use it as a "catch" basin.


The catch pail provides a quality seal with the mating screen hoop, reducing dust and material loss.  Most customers will purchase a pair of catch pails to allow multiple passes through the screen, alternating the catch pail with a "pour" pail (the catch pail from the last pass).

Contact Information

My name is John Svinicki.  I'm just trying to make a few bucks providing a product people need and could make for themselves but requires specialized skills most hobbyists don't have access to or the patience to develop themselves.  Concentrate on your hobby, let me supply this useful tool.

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P.O. Box 102, Chelsea, MI, 48118
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Contact John: john@bucketscreen.com
General Information and Customer Support: Info@bucketscreen.com
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